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World's Toughest Polyurea Spray-In Bed Liner!


Bronco Driver Magazine cover

This very unique installation is the most
astonishing 1970's Ford Bronco custom built
from the frame up by Bailie Bilt. You can find
it on the cover of the September 2016
"Bronco Driver" magazine.

GatorHyde of Wagoner spray applied
GatorHyde CG to the undercarriage and frame.

Under carriage of 1970 custom built Ford Bronco 1970 Ford Bronco

Line break

Another unique application from GatorHyde of Wagoner is spraying the complete interior and underside of a 1939 Chevy. Just completed in July of 2016.

GatorHyde CG was used as the base coat. Over the CG, a color stable single stage automotive urethane was spray applied.

39 Chevy interior sprayed with GatorHyde CG 39 Chevy trunk GatorHyde sprayed inside 39 Chevy trunk

GatorHyde spray-in bedliner GatorHyde spray in bedliner Line break

Spray in Bedliner and polyurea protective coatings

GatorHyde of Wagoner sprayed the entire outside of this utility trailer with GatorHyde DLX.

Then, the sides and top was sprayed with a sky blue apliphatic urethane paint that is 'color stable' over the GatorHyde DLX.


Spray in Bedliner and fishing boat coatings The list goes on and on but needless to
say, “GatorHyde Protective Coatings”
can be found on virtually any kind of
trailer or on any motorized vehicle in
today’s industry.



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The interior of the aggregate shoot below was lined with GatorHyde DLX to protect the interior walls. Just the interior was coated.

Aggregate shoot protected with GatorHydeGatorHyde DLX sprayed on interior aggregate shoot.

GatorHyde DLX Video

Below is an example of an older utility truck before and after pictures.


The Artic Cat BELOW was also
sprayed with GatorHyde CG and then
the blue aliphatic urethane paint was applied.

Spray in Bedliner and fishing boat coatings























































Nothing Bonds Better or Stands up to Killer Abuse Like GatorHyde!

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