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Toughest Polyurethane,
Polyurea Protective Coatings!


GatorHyde Advanced Polyurea Spray Coatings, Not a Single Product, But a Family of Coating Systems!

GatorHyde CG

GatorHyde CG is the premier spray-in bed liner used nationwide by all GatorHyde certified installers. Rapid curing with only an 8 second gel time, GatorHyde CG is an aromatic polyurea developed for extreme protections against corrosion, chipping and cracking when appliced to Brush Guards, Nerf Bars, Grills, Metal Fenders, Fiberglass Fenders as well as limitless after market products and parts for the automotive industry. GatorHyde CG is applied through the use of plural component, high-ressure pump systems such ans the GRACO E-10 and the E-XP1.



GreenGator 90A

GreenGator 90A:
Spray in bedliner close up The "First Environmentally Friendly", Soy-Based polyurea spray of its kind. This is one of the most economical products and is excellent for applications over wood or steel and works great in hot, humid application conditions.



GatorHyde DLX

GatorHyde DLX is the world's Strongest Polyurea Coating! This product has physical properties that go well beyond traditional polyurethane and polyurea coatings. Extremely tough and abrasion resistant, DLX is excellent for applications in the most rugged and abrasive mining applications that erode lesser formulations. Strong yet very flexible, DLX offers tensile strengths beyond 7500 psi, yet is still elastic. DLX, "SUPER STRONG & SUPER TOUGH".


GatorHyde Basecoat

GatorHyde DLX is a perfect basecoat for using an aliphatic urethane spray to topcoat any project wanting to match certain colors or for color stability. These products are also used in the marine industry.

      GatorHyde DLX used as a basecoat on a flat bottom boat

Solving Industry Needs Through Advanced Polyurea Technology!

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